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Comoros: Controversy surrounding the election commission on the eve of the start of the campaign for parliamentary and municipal elections

The presidential party in the Comoros denounced in late last week "unacceptable errors" by the electoral commission, fifteen days before the start of the general election campaign, legislative and those of the islands advisors.
"There were unacceptable errors," said Mohamed Halifa, president of the presidential party, the Union for the development of the Comoros (UPDC).
President Ikililou Dhoinine even expressed his displeasure of "incompetence" of the electoral commission, while representatives of political parties informed him of their "serious concerns".
Electorates were removed from the electoral list or displaced from circumscriptions. Declared candidates of a party have been incomprehensibly related to other political parties.
And the seven lists vying the municipal elections of Moroni were also affected by invalidity without the electoral commission can explain the reason for these cancellations, as explicitly stipulates the Comorian election code.
As a reminder, the legislative elections, municipal councilors of the islands will be held 25 January 2015 for the first round and 22 February for the second round.
271,069 Comorian voters will go to the polls, including 19,368 voters in Moheli, 114,396 Anjouan and 137,305 in Grande Comoro. 708 polling stations are counted in the archipelago for the different elections.


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