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Comoros: Comorian president claims Mayotte by the diplomatic dialogue

Comoros: Comorian president claims Mayotte by the diplomatic dialogue
The president of the Union of the Comoros, Ikililou Dhoinine, native of the island of Moheli and the head of the archipelago from May 2011, invited the Comorian diplomatic corp during New Year greeting to Moroni, on January 5, to exercise persuasion around the question of Mayotte in their host country.

President Ikililou has been uncompromising and did not mince his words towards France, while calling for dialogue. "Today, at the moment where I am talking to you, France, former colonial power operates illegally, from the point of view of international law, a part of our territory. Then, how can we reconcile our vital interest, the reason of the existence of our State to the need to live together in peace in our region? Do we have the intention to abandon one day this legitimate claim? The answer is no. Everyone here knows it. But are we not smart enough to live together in harmony with those who are our brothers and sisters? You have the duty, as professionals of the trade, to solve this equation or any at least to balance it", the president of the Comoros as roadmap to the diplomat present in the Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moroni.

Ten Comorian diplomatic representatives settled in Ethiopia, South Africa, Belgium, China, Egypt, UAE, France, Iran and Senegal, were present. "As professionals, the exercise is not so complicated because as a member of the United Nations, we have the duty to respect its Charter and its principles", also argued the Comorian president Ikililou during his speech before an audience of officials.

The resolution 3385 of the ONU on 12 November 1975, calls particularly the international community to "respect the unity and integrity of the Comoro Archipelago, consisting of the islands of Anjouan, Grande-Comore, Mayotte and Mohéli".

Anli Saendou

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