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Comoros: Comorian president Ikililou reintroduced the issue of Mayotte at the rostrum of the UN

Comoros: Comorian president Ikililou reintroduced the issue of Mayotte at the rostrum of the UN
The Comorian president Ikililou Dhoinine denounced on Wednesday at the rostrum of the 68th ordinary session of the United Nations in New York, the violation of the right of movement of persons between the Comorian islands (Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mohéli) and the French island of Mayotte with the introduction in 1994 of the Balladur Visa which prohibits the free movement between Mayotte and the rest of the archipelago of the Comoros.

"This visa which has caused the death of more than 10,000 of my compatriots, to date, made the sea arm, separating Mayotte from the other islands, the largest cemetery in the world. Our common conscience compels us to act quickly", said Comorian president, Ikililou Dhoinine, from the rostrum of the UN.

Dhoinine Ikililou also said that now the territorial Mayotte issue will be annually updated the agenda of the General Assembly of the United Nations and that the Comorian authorities undertake to inform the international community of the negotiations on the sovereignty of Mayotte, and this, until the final issue, as indicates the site comores -

As a reminder, the Comoros in November 2012 celebrated the 37th anniversary of their official recognition as an independent nation within the UN.

And 3385 UN resolution urged the international community to "respect the unity and integrity territorial of the Comoros Archipelago, composed of the islands of Anjouan, Grande-Comore, Mayotte and Mohéli".

Yet Mayotte remained in the fold of France, after several successive referendums in the 1970s.

Anli Saendou

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