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Comoros: Boats of fishermen soon registered

Photo Comorian newspaper Alwatwan
Photo Comorian newspaper Alwatwan
The national center of the Union of the Comoros fisheries monitoring and control release on Tuesday a plan for securing fishing professionals and which will in effect officially in the months coming in the territorial waters of the archipelago.
This program introduced a system of number plate for the Comorian fishing boats.
"This system is intended to facilitate the identification of each craft, its owner and its usual crew for loss on sea or in the neighbouring countries... In the context of piracy, the registration number will prevent sometimes dramatic confusion with pirate boats from elsewhere. This will facilitate, anti-piracy operations", highlighted the Director General of the center, Saïd Boina
Registrations of small fishing boats have already begun in Anjouan and Mohéli and will soon begin in Grande Comore, according to Comorian newspaper Alwatwan.

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