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Comoros: Anjouan Island threatened by deforestation

Comoros: Anjouan Island threatened by deforestation
Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are sounding the alarm on the alarming deforestation on the island of Anjouan.
Certain animal species would be even threatened with extinction.
The forest areas of Anjouan are hit head-on by the brutal action of the men who carry out the felling of trees as well as by the numerous fires ravaging the vegetation.

A worrying situation of young graduates in geography and tourism now want to denounce calling central authorities to declare a State of emergency and strongly invite to engage in large scale reforestation operations.
Fruit bats are also beginning to attack in bulk mango and other fruit trees on the island not finding adequate food (leaves and flowers, capoquiers or tropical almond) in their natural environment at risk now.
60% of mangoes and serve meals to bats.

"No tourism without wildlife," said a student of tourism bitterly lamenting the deforestation of his native island of Anjouan, as related by the newspaper La Gazette des Comores.

Anli Saendou

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