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Comoros: An association wants to preserve music twarabu

An association for the preservation of music twarabu * was created since last February and wants to allow this heritage of the archipelago to be still active in the heart of the Comorian culture.
"We have created this association for a single and unique goal, save the music twarabu. We found that for a decade, this art is abandoned by the new generation. Lovers and faithful of this beautiful music just old pieces to savor", said a few days ago one of the Member of the Board of the new association artists.
"A country without culture is a country without a soul," said another artist of the association who also deplores that young people who could sing from twarabu have all converted in zouk, rap and hip hop singers".
The association for the preservation of music twarabu wants therefore to accompany the new generations to the discovery of the Comorian musical heritage and help most concerned to engage in a musical career to honor music twarabu, as reported in the journal Alwatwan.
* The twarabu Word is translated by joy through music

Anli Saendou

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