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Comoros: Algeria offers 10 scientific suitcases to the judicial police of the archipelago

Photo journal comorien La Gazette des Comores
Photo journal comorien La Gazette des Comores
The Comorian police authorities recently received on the part of Algeria 10 suitcases scientific and technical which will be used by the national police and the gendarmerie of the archipelago to take blood samples and other DNA samples as part of the judicial police investigations in the Comoros.
These scientific suitcases have a value of 50 million Comorian francs, approximately 101.580 euros.
For now, a small number of Comorian police is able to use these facilities, as reported by the newspaper La Gazette des Comores.
This is why, following an agreement with the Algerian authorities, a dozen police officers will be sent shortly in training for one year to learn specific techniques related to criminal identification.

Anli Saendou

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