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Comoros: A first luxury hotel under construction on the island of Mohéli

Comorian President Dhoinine Ikililou - Photo
Comorian President Dhoinine Ikililou - Photo
Comorian president Ikililou Dhoinine, moved recently to Moheli to see firsthand the progress of the construction of the first luxurious hotel built on the island.
The Comorian authorities want to revive the tourism sector, through the hotel or Motel built in Hairaha on an island of Moheli in the undeniable tourist assets around its beaches, its islands, waterfalls as well as leading insular flora and fauna plan.
On the spot, the president of the Comoros, Ikililou Dhoinine, recalled that tourism is "an important economic lever" for the development of the archipelago, while inviting young mohelienne to protect the fauna and flora of their island, as indicated in the comores- info .net site.

Anli Saendou

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