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Comoros: 76% of voters registered before the closing of the electoral lists at the end of August 2014

Photo journal La Gazette des Comores
Photo journal La Gazette des Comores
In the context of the next legislative and municipal to be held in November 2014 in the Comoros and after the creation of a biometric electoral file to ensure the  elections "free, democratic, transparent and clear", the Ministry of the Interior communicates that 76% of voters were already listed on the whole archipelago (Grande Comore, Moheli, Anjouan).
On the islands of Moheli and Anjouan, more than 85% of voters have been identified.
A session of catch-up before the finalisation of the electoral lists at the end of August will be especially opened during ten days on the island of Grande Comore to encourage voters to register and thus to be able to participate in the next election polls in the archipelago.
The Comorian authorities wish to payroll 90% of voters prior to the final closing of the lists of electors, as reported by the newspaper La Gazette des Comores.

Anli Saendou

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