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Comoros: 6 million dollars incurred in one year for oil prospection in the Mozambique Channel

At least six million dollars will be engaged by Bahari and Discover companies for the implementation of an annual work program which has to be endorsed by an Executive Committee of three representatives of the Government of the Comoros and three from Bahari-Discover Partnership members, as reported by the Comorian newspaper Alwatwan.
Two contracts were allocated in March last to Kenyan Bahari Resources society in association with Discover Exploration Comoros B.V and the Americans of Safari Petroleum, partners with Western Energy Production (assets in the US shale gas) company for prospecting and oil exploitation in the channel of Mozambique to Comorian offshore.
As a reminder, the contracts give the exclusive right to the companies selected to operate approximately 17.697 km2 of area maritime of the archipelago of the Comoros and divided into three blocks.

Anli Saendou

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