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Chedza Madagascar: European Union releases 3 million euros for the Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique

The organizations of the European Union have recently unblocked an emergency assistance of three million euros for the people of Southern Africa (Madagascar, Malawi and Mozambique) that have been hit hard by flooding in the wake of the strong tropical storm Chedza that has evolved in mid-January in the Mozambique channel.

"We will support those most vulnerable, those who have lost everything," said Christos Stylianides, European Commissioner in charge for humanitarian assistance and crisis management.
The last balance sheet prepared this weekend in Madagascar of the passage of Chedza in the Island reported 80 deceased, 37 injured, 9 missing and some 173,970 homeless. 3,346 houses were flooded and 358 schools have sustained heavy damage. Forty roads have also been cut and six bridges and riffles have borne the brunt of the meteor. More than 1220 zebu have been also lost during this natural disaster.


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