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Are the best mangoes in the world from Reunion Island?

Fruit at their peak

Mangoes from reunion island
Mangoes from reunion island
Wandering around St Paul's market we were tempted to try some fruit, especially the mangoes.
In order to attract our attention the seller had a weighty argument: La Réunion's mangoes are the best in the world.
A difficult claim in an international market with a production of more than 30 million tonnes a year. More than a third are produced in India and the biggest consumers are Americans.

So why are the ones from Reunion the best?
3,000 tonnes are produced locally and there are lots of different varieties: Carotte, Greffe, Heidi, American, José…
Globally there are nearly a thousand! It looks like an uneven match.

So we had to taste them to be certain. The test was carried out on an American and a José.

And guess what? I had to ask for more, they were wonderful.
OK, so we weren't at all objective and we admit it but they were fiendishly good.
Try them and we'll talk about them again!

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