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Air Madagascar Strike: Four trade unionists receive their dismissal letter

While Air Madagascar is facing since June 15 a strike of its employees which strongly disturbs the traffic, the delegate of airline company personnel of the commander Rado Rabarilala - who had been arrested earlier this week before benefiting from provisional release – has recently received his dismissal letter by a bailiff.
The staff representative was accused of "divulging false information, criminal association and endangering the national economy".
Three other signatories of the prior notice, to be precise; a mechanic, a steward and an operator on the ground, are also subject to dismissal.
Faced with this increase in conflict between strikers and management, the Trade Union platform bringing together 42 trade unions in the country launched on Wednesday afternoon an ultimatum 48-hour to the state's authorities. Trade unions thus wish to see the cancellation of the dismissals, the dismissal of the whole of the management of Air Madagascar and the resignation of the Minister of Transport.
As a reminder, employees initially denounce the non-payment of contributions at their pension fund by the company. They also require that the existing management pack up. The recent acquisition of new aircraft by the strikers would also lead the company to the edge of the financial precipice.


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