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A taste of heaven at Ile des Palmes

A Warm Seychelles Welcome awaits you at Iles Des Palmes of Praslin

The view at Ile des Palmes
The view at Ile des Palmes
After driving along a glorious view of red granite boulders on one side, and the horizon of the Indian Ocean on the other side, a warm Seychelles welcome awaits you at Iles Des Palmes a leading establishment on Praslin, built by the Gill Family, whose roots date back to the early settlers of La Digue Jean Baptiste Laporte exiled from La Reunion to La Digue because he and his brother were too much trouble for the authorities of St. Denis.

The hotel is set in a glorious 200 acres of nature, made of mountains sea side on two sides. A short hike to Fond Diable reveals a reveling secret few journalists ever see: 1. The double ocean view of La Digue, Felicite Island and Baie of St. Anne ( largest safe harbor of the Indian Ocean, once slated for the center of a massive US Military base but now preserved for the green sea turtles and Black Parrot). For the curious is the Old Pirate Oven dating back to the 17 th Century quite possibly a hide out for Olivier Le Vasseur " La Buse" as he was on the run from authorities of St. Denis who eventually had his head but not his treasure, the Golden Cross of Goa. Once here one can explore these unique sites and numerous unique pirate era artifacts.

The old plantation has blend perfectly into a lovely hotel with all units for families and couples position along the ocean and beach is cute and offers time to explore nature. The old Distillery and Copra house offer the most intact vestiges of the plantation era and is a National Heritage Site.

The Restaurant La Buse is an award winning establishment offering fine creole cuisine and international items. The fusion is ideal for travelers and locals alike. The wine list offers something for the humble and discerning tastes.

The bungalows are large and spacious, offering daily service, and comfort. The value is perhaps the best Praslin can offer, and is the reason why this fine address is a must stop on Praslin, if you would like to get away from big crowds, noise, hassles. Our safety label is second to none.

We will be honored to Welcome you to Iles Des PALMES IN true Seychellois spirit and heart!

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