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A giant egg of a prehistoric bird that lived in Madagascar seized by the transalpine Customs

A giant egg of a prehistoric bird, "elephant bird" of Madagascar was intercepted and seized on Wednesday in Bergamo airport in Italy by the transalpine customs.
75 cm in diameter and 50 cm long, this egg of "Aepyornis Maximus" cost more than 90,000 euros. It was hidden in a package that was leaving to Los Angeles in the United States.
The sender, an unemployed Italian citizen who lives in Arezzo in the center of the country and whose wife is a native of Madagascar, has simply justified to have had this egg as a wedding gift. "There are eggs like that for a few euros (in Madagascar). My wife collects them, her family has several," he said.
As a reminder, the elephant bird lived in the Island to the Pleistocene era, which ended 12,000 years ago and was three meters tall and weighed half a ton.


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