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A Rwandan refugee flees his country and after a long journey with his pregnant wife, gets a status of asylum seeker in Mayotte

Photo Kewezi Télévision
Photo Kewezi Télévision
The story of Cresence Kitumayine, young Rwandan who has won in July 7 the status of asylum seeker in Mayotte comes from the ordinary, even if his journey is far from being an isolated case, as indicated Kewezi Television.
In early March, Rwandan rebels forced Cresence to join their ranks, but the latter refuses to be enlisted for a political cause.
A selection of heavy consequences because the young Rwandan will experience torture in a military camp where he still manages to escape and fled to Tanzania.
His pregnant wife remained in Rwanda will also be tortured by the rebels to know where her husband is hiding.
Crésence decides against the urgency of organizing the escape of his wife to Dar es Salaam.
Then in the Tanzanian capital, the owner of the hotel where the couple resides, with a few thousand in savings pocket offers them to join Mayotte via the Comoros for 1,500 euros.
The couple embarks and smuggled into the hold of a cargo but once the boat docked, they are stopped by the Comorian police.
Crésence then bribed a Comorian police and for300 euros the Rwandan Couple manages to regain their freedom.
Then on a beach of Grande Comore, a smuggler will ask them 900 euros to take them on a Kwassa Kwassa-towards the island of Mayotte.
The couple agrees and gets on a makeshift boat in rough seas. Thirty illegal as well took places in the boat in Anjouan during a short stop.
The pregnant wife of Crésence does not support the crossing and gives birth at sea after 4 hours. The woman lost a lot of blood.
The passer then deposited all its passengers, after 8 hours of not crossing in Mayotte but on an island off the coast of Mayotte and its lagoon where illegal immigrants stay about ten days.
Local fishermen then offer them to finish the journey to reach the mainland for another 300 euros.
The first three attempts aborted due to awful marine weather and the fourth time, their frail boat was intercepted by the Police Air and Frontier.
His wife, whose health has deteriorated is all handled by the emergency services.
Questioned by police officers, Crésence Kitumayine says his entire history...
"Here I feel safe! I want to stay here and live here. If we returned to Rwanda, they will kill all three of us," said Crésence who benefits from July 7 of the status of asylum seeker in Mayotte.

Assani Badrudin

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