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A Frenchman wants to create a "bio" power station in Comoros

A Frenchman wants to create a "bio" power station in Comoros
A resident of a Breton commune, Lopérec, who works for an organization operating in the field of agribusiness in Comoros, has embarked on a crazy gamble: that of bringing electricity in the whole archipelago.

Enthusiast of new energies, Stephan Metayer wants to establish a power station of new generation in Comoros, combining wind and solar energy and could eventually produce 60 MW / h of electricity. Seven times more than the current production of a conventional thermal power plant fueled by oil.

"Apart from Moroni, the capital of the island, the rest of the territory is modest or not powered by electricity... The Comoros lack of structures, but is growing little by little. The idea is to install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of public buildings... petroleum is a resource that depletes, we should keep it for other purposes", says Stephan Metayer in the West France newspaper.

The project of installation of a "bio" power station in Comoros will cost 3.5 billion euro for pharaonic works which will be spread over ten years. Discussions have already begun with a Persian Gulf country to finance the project.

"This is a project that is included in the departmental plans", said equally the honorary consul of the Comoros of Marseille.

Anli Saendou

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