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10 great reasons to visit Reunion

The main reasons why Reunion is a unique island.

Golf of Bassin Bleu - Studio Lumière
Golf of Bassin Bleu - Studio Lumière
Continuing on from our article about Madagascar (click here to read), we will now focus our attention on the island of Reunion.

After browsing the web, we have discovered what is said to encourage prospective tourists to choose this destination for their holidays.

In no particular order, the following list shows the main reasons:
  • The diversity of the scenery
  • The unique fauna and flora
  • The UNESCO world heritage ranking
  • The food
  • The activities
  • It is a part of France
  • The vanilla
  • The volcano
  • Its heritage
  • The people
Yet there is so much more to see and do than just what is listed above.

At Indian Ocean Times we’ve decided to get in on the act ourselves and to the list we’ve added:
  • The creole language
  • The pure mountain air
  • The Cilaos sparkling water

Now it’s up to you to contribute and make your own list. Don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts on Facebook:

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