Mauritius wants to engage in aquaculture at large scale of sea cucumbers

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The Ministry of fisheries of Mauritius wants to engage in aquaculture sea cucumbers very popular by Asians and which is sold once dried at around 2,000 dollars (1,499 euros) per kilo.

Chinese businessmen would be willing to associate themselves with the large-scale project, by investing 1 billion rupees (25 million euros), and according to the Minister of fisheries, Nicolas Von Mally, Mauritius is able to become "one of the main suppliers of the Asian market".

Local fishermen will be the first invited to participate in this new type of aquaculture in the island.
 "It is one of the ways to enable fishermen to get out of their misery. In addition, we diminish the pressure that fishing exerts on the ecosystem", supports the Minister for fisheries, Nicolas Von Mally.

The other advantage of this large-scale aquaculture is according to its proponents, a regeneration of the ecosystem of the Mauritian lagoons, as sea cucumbers have the ability to purify sea water
As a reminder, a female sea cucumber can lay hundreds of thousands of eggs at a time, and if the conditions of its natural environment are optimal, as shown in the newspaper L'Express of Mauritius.

1.Posted by Gilbert Bouic on 08/29/2013 9:18 AM (from a mobile)
In 2005 the government denied my application to set up a sustainable sea cucumber project, with the excuse that they needed to study the project closer. Farm sea cumber. 2000$ kg. Ha Ha. Just shows the total ignorance of the fisheries dept.

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