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Mauritius: The presidential election scheduled to be held at the beginning of the year 2015 on a single round of balloting

Then the agreement of electoral alliance between the Labour Party (PTr) in power since 2005 and the movement activist Mauricien (MMM) has definitively endorsed between the two main political parties of Mauritius, a presidential election in nominal voting in one round according to political observers should take place in early 2015, and this, after an early general elections held between mid-November and mid-December as reported in the Le Défi Quotidien newspaper.
The Agreement sealed between the PTr and the MMM thus foresees the presentation of Navin Ramgoolam as Prime Minister in upcoming elections.
 In the case of the alliance victory red-purple, Navin Ramgoolam, will then be replaced by Paul Bérenger at the Clarisse House while Navin Ramgoolam be seeking on his side the post of president of the Republic by universal suffrage after members of the island have amended the constitution of Mauritius for the introduction of the second Republic, and if the majority red-purple wins 3/4 seats.
The second Republic will provide inter alia to the elected president for a term of seven years, on the side of the Château de Réduit, the right of dissolution of Parliament and the head of State will also preside over the Council of Ministers as well as addressing MEPs when it deems appropriate.
The President will also have a right to look at the appointment of Ministers and the President will be responsible for the foreign policy of the country in full consultation with the Prime Minister.

Fabrice François

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