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Mauritius: Rodrigues alert 3 under the threat of the intense tropical cyclone Bansi

Bansi The cyclone is again an intense tropical cyclone with an estimated central pressure of 940 hPa pressure system could threaten Rodrigues by approaching dangerously the island.
The intense tropical cyclone was located at 10 am local time by the points 17.9 south latitude and 60.8 east longitude and traveling at about 320 kilometers northwest of Rodrigues. The meteor was moving east-south-east at a speed of 10 km / h.
The alert 3 was triggered in Rodrigues at 10 local time. "Bansi is now approaching dangerously to Rodrigues. The cyclonic conditions would be felt in late the afternoon in Rodrigues with gusts exceeding 120 km / h," said the meteorological station of Vacoas.
The intense tropical cyclone could bend its trajectory toward the southeast by accelerating its movement. The strongest gusts were recorded during the last six hours on the side of Pointe Canon (106 km / h) and Plaine Corail (80 km / h).

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