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Mauritius: An eight-month pregnant woman protected by a human shield in the fatal bus accident at Sorèze

An 8-month pregnant passenger who was on the bus of National transport company (CNT) at the time of the accident at Sorèze at Pailles, a life was saved thanks to the human shield of the other passengers around her during the violent impact.

While the driver, aged 50 years, understands that the brakes failed Friday, May 3 in the morning, he asks the receiver to quickly inform passengers to regroup at the back of the bus.

To save the young mother and her child 29 years, several passengers were surrounded and formed a human shield.

"These men have erected a sort of human shield around me, to soften the blow. Upon impact, I stumbled upon one of them. This is what saved us, the child and me", the young mother testified at the site.

The young mother gave birth normally Friday, May 3, in the afternoon, of a little boy by caesarean section at the clinic Fortis Darné of Floreal, in the center of Mauritius.

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