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Mauritius: 81.935 tourists on the island in July, 2014

Mauritius: 81.935 tourists on the island in July, 2014
According to the latest official figures of the Organisation Statistics Mauritius, Mauritius hosted 81.935 tourists in July 2014, an increase of 5.9% compared to July 2013 where 77.374 travellers had been counted.
Thus from January to July 2014, 572.632 tourists arrived in Mauritius against 549.038 passenger in 2013, an increase of 4.3%, as reported by the newspaper Le Matinal.
The European tourist market has increased from 2.3% in juillet2014, in the wake of the tourist arrivals coming from the United Kingdom who jumped of 7.9%.
10.432 British travellers visited Mauritius in July 2014 against 9.672 a year earlier.
The metropolitan France market for its part experienced a drop of 1.4% as the German tourists who fell by 3.6%.
15.880 Reunionese travellers have also landed at the island of Mauritius in July, that is, an increase of 2.1% and from January to July 2014, Mauritius received 84.270 tourists from Reunion Island.
Tourist arrivals from the African continent also increased of 6.4% with 26.354 tourists registered in July 2014 against 24.768 in July of last year.
There is a significant increase for the South African market by 27%, with 7.689 enumerated tourist arrivals in July 2014 against 6.054 in July 2013.
Meanwhile, the Chinese market has recorded a new growth of 52.5% with 6.574 visitors listed in July 2014 against 4.311 in July 2013.
As a reminder, the tourist arrivals to Mauritius grew by 2.9% in 2013 with 993.106 registered visitors.
The official agency, Statistics Mauritius, previewed on last March an increase of tourist arrivals in 2014, with an increase of 3.7% and approximately 1.030.000 travellers who should visit Mauritius in 2014.

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