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Madagascar: the Prime Minister does not want to resign against the assail of Andry Rajoelina

Faced with the repeated criticism made last week by Andry Rajoelina, the president of transition in Madagascar that pushes behind the scenes the head of the Government to resign, the Prime Minister Omer Beriziky counterattack.

The head of Government assures that he will not resign from his post before the end of his mandate. "I will not resign... I was given a responsibility which I try hard to assume... it is not now, when the path to  come out of the crisis begins to clear, that I will abandon my duty '', said Omer Beriziky to the site.
The Prime Minister of Madagascar ensures equally that according to the roadmap of Maputo signed in September 17, 2011 by the SADC (Southern African development community) and the article 31, " any procedure hindrance or dismissal t of the president of Transition, neither any motion of censure against the Government of Transition, nor any action of dissolution of the Parliament of Transition cannot be exercised during the Transition".

For his part, Andry Rajoelina reproaches Beriziky Omer and his government of not implementing the electoral texts as well as the electoral drawing constituency boundaries.
"The question of the territorial division of electoral districts is a delicate subject ... That's why I asked for time so it can be debated in council of government first ... It is not wise to rush. In addition, the legislation is planned in July, so we have time", clearly answered through the media interposed the Prime Minister Omer Beriziky.

Antso Rajaona

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