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Madagascar: The food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations evokes to a locust invasion in the island

While swarms of locust were located on the outskirts of Tananarive at the beginning of last week, the United Nations food and agriculture (Organisation FAO) refers to a situation of locust invasion in Madagascar.
"It is currently facing a locust invasion. This does not mean that swarms invade towns, such as in recent days in Tananarive. Gregarious populations are present everywhere on Malagasy territory in the form of hopper bands and swarms. Locust populations are dense and grouped and it is their abundance which allows describing the situation of invasion," recalled Annie Monard, coordinator of locust control program of FAO in the island.
Thus, more than 480,000 hectares on the two million hectares of areas infested by locusts have been treated since the start of the campaign in October 2013.
And 130,000 hectares on the Mahafaly plateau should also be soon be treated by air, as reported by the newspaper Les Nouvelles of the Madagascar.
Atsimo Andrefana, Ihorombe, Miandrivazo, Bongolava were for the moment the main regions affected by this treatment on a large scale.
As a reminder, swarms of migratory locusts since April 2012 have already caused serious damage on plantations of corn, rice and other cereal crops, with several devastated regions of Madagascar to almost 70%.
FAO urged 23 million dollars (17 million euros) for this program of fight against the migratory locusts in Madagascar, and will spend 41.5 million dollars (30.7 million euros) until 2016.

Antso Rajaona

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