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Madagascar: The deaf people found the hearing, thanks to the Philanthropist action of the Rotary Club of Tananarive

Since last Friday, young or old having audition problems or completely deaf for years, gathered around the Carlton Anosy in the Madagascan capital Tananarive.
They are 3000 people who waited quietly turn to enjoy free installation by ENT physicians specializing in hearing aids and allowing them to find a proper hearing.

"It's weird, but plenty of happiness to hear you. If you knew how happy I am after spending a long life in the deafness ... It's because of my hearing problem that I lost my job", said a happy beneficiary  who could not hear for 20 years, he explains the site

The Rotary Club of Tananarive Antsirabe and Alaotra in partnership with an American foundation, Starkey Hearing Foundation, and the Ministry of Health of Madagascar are on the initiative of this philanthropic project.
As a reminder, 14% of the population of Tananarive suffers from hearing problems that can lead to deafness in the most severe cases.

Antso Rajaona

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