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Madagascar: The U.S. giant Microsoft buys more than 326.000 dollars of carbon credits in the heart of the Makira forest

The American computer giant, Microsoft has spent with the Malagasy authorities during late last week an agreement for the purchase of carbon credits amounted to more than 326,000 dollars.

The financial agreement was officially recorded with the aim of preserving the Makira Forest and National Park located in the north-east of Madagascar of heavy damage caused by deforestation and fight forward against global warming.
"The sale of (note: credits). Carbon concerns the park of Makira for the moment. This is a boon for us, a real luck to be able to reap the benefits from the sale of carbon", welcomed the Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment Acting Omer Beriziky.
"It is an agreement for the sale of carbon credits, it was able to sell 65.369 tons of carbon credit, which gives a price of roughly 326.845 dollars with Microsoft", thus stressed the Secretary General of the Ministry of the environment, Pierre Randrianarisoa Manganirina.
The sale of carbon credits which will make it possible to implement the social actions of development near the national park of Makira was implemented to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases indirectly.
As a reminder, the final evaluation of the credits carbon is placed under the auspices of an international body accredited to validate transactions.
In the Makira forest, carbon credits stock was estimated in 2013 to 705.588, as reported by the newspaper Les Echos.

Antso Rajaona

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