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Madagascar: The Malagasy brown sugar is becoming popular in the European market

Sugar from Madagascar is becoming famous on the European market.

The 80,000 tons of annual production of sugar refinery of the West coast of Madagascar Complant  (SUCOMA) at its factories in Morondava, Namakia and Ambilobe, 60%, or a little less than 50,000 tons depart for exportation to Europe with a competitive price and a hit with consumers, as indicated in the Midi Madagasikara newspaper.
"Our brown sugar is in high demand on the European market, because it is among the best in terms of nutritional quality," said Zhou Jiamping, Director-General of the SUCOMA which relies on the dietary virtues of the brown sugar.

"As it (Editor's Note: the brown sugar) has more nutrients, sugar is both energy and nutrient, it is easy to digest due to the separation of fructose and glucose during digestion; It has the ability to maintain the metabolic balance of vitamin B1 and calcium; due to its potassium content, brown sugar does not cause hyperglycemia; less rich in sucrose, sugar is less harmful... ", thus argues a nutritionist.
As a reminder, the sugar industry in Madagascar is for the moment 0.6% of gross of domestic product (GDP) in Madagascar, with a turnover of approximately  20 million euro, while the outlook for the sector in world are expected to increase by 22% until 2020.

Antso Rajaona

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