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Madagascar: Suspicion of two outbreaks of plague with 28 dead identified

Two suspected outbreaks of bubonic plague in the districts of Mandritsara (Sofia region) and of Soanierana Ivongo (region of Analanjirofo) located in the northeast of Madagascar have been located.
28 people were found killed since the beginning of last week and Malagasy health authorities are still waiting for the results of the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar to confirm the exact origin of these suspicious deaths, according to the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar.
"It is a delicate issue. Nothing confirms that it is indeed the plague. In 15 days the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar will tell us whether or not these people have died of the plague. What is happening in these communities remains a suspicion of this epidemic," explains anonymously a member of the cabinet of the Ministry of public health.

As a reminder, 256 cases of bubonic plague and 60 deaths were recorded last year.
About one patient in five infected by the virus died.

Sanitation and the promiscuity of some homes in the heart of poor villages attract rodents in numbers as well as flea in rats that carry the disease.

Antso Rajaona

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