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Madagascar: Several women abducted by heavily armed robbers of zebus

Madagascar: Several women abducted by heavily armed robbers of zebus
Thieves of zebus heavily armed which could not lay hands on a sufficient number of cattle in central Madagascar, with a raid 21 cattle in three villages of the municipality of Tsarasaotra went back last Saturday with several women as prisoners.

"The villagers do not know what t do, attacks are more virulent. Facing this growing insecurity, many people spend the night under the stars for fear of suffering the abuse of bandits", stresses to the site, Nirina Rafi, Member of the Congress of Transition, originating in the region, and which request that measures are taken urgently to the highest summit of the State to ensure the safety of the village population.

As a reminder, since the end of December 2012, the Malagasy government has decided to stop the operation Tandroka (note: take the bull by the horns), conducted from September 2012 against thieves zebu to curb insecurity in the South of Madagascar.
Zebu theft comes from old Malagasy customs and still in force in the hinterland. Symbol of manhood before marriage, criminal gangs have turned away from its original meaning to organize a lucrative trade.

Antso Rajaona

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