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Madagascar: Relaunching the cultivation of soybean on the Island

The Malagasy Ministry of Agriculture & the Indonesian Embassy in Madagascar have recently signed by the side of Anosy in Tananarive an agreement that aims to boost soybean production on the Island after 20 years of unexploited on the Island.
The Indonesian embassy has even made available to Malagasy farmers various equipment to facilitate the reviving of the large-scale cultivation in 7 regions of Madagascar (Vakinankaratra, Moramanga, Haute-Matsiatra, Bongolava, Itasy, Amoron’i Mania and Alaotra Mangoro).
"The soy industry may well adapt to the growing conditions of the Island. To prevent that the cultivation falls again into the same problem of outlets as 20 years ago, training will be provided to farmers not only for soybean growth, but also for its use and consumption, "said Minister of Agriculture, Roland Ravatomanga.
In addition, exports to the Asian continent should ensure the sustainability of the soybean crop in Madagascar according to the authorities.


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