Madagascar: Rajoelina could throw in the towel of the Malagasy presidential race

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The international contact group of Madagascar (ICG-M) consists especially of Southern African Development Community (SADC) representatives and African Union (AU), after three days of consultations in Madagascar, no longer evokes ultimatum sanctions on the key to the three controversial candidates (Andry Rajoelina, , Didier Ratsiaraka and Lalao Ravalomanana), but rather a peaceful solution to unblock the political crisis in Madagascar on the eve of a presidential election postponed indefinitely for the time being.

We do not proceed through ultimatum, declared on Saturday, Joaquim Chissano, mediator of (SADC) and former President of Mozambique in the wake of the recent adoption of legislation to restructure the Special Electoral Court (CES).

According to the newspaper, the pattern of release has already been accepted by the current President of the Transition, Andry Rajoelina, with the voluntary withdrawal of the latter from the Malagasy presidential race.

Other candidates of Lalao Ravalomanana and Didier Ratsiraka would then be eliminated by the new CES.

"There will be candidates who will voluntarily withdraw and there will be those who will be eliminated by the new Court", said the Commissioner for Peace and Security of the African Union, Ramtane Lamamra.
As a reminder, the circle of the current President of the Transition, has always recognized the hint that if the other two candidates renounced on their side for the presidency, Andry Rajoelina would align on this retracted position.

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