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Madagascar: Muscular police arrest of a presidential candidate

Laza Razafiarison, candidate in the next presidential election of Madagascar, was arrested last Tuesday and placed in custody, with eight other members of his party, the second day of anti-government protest against the current regime in the heart of the Transition the city of Antananarivo.
The security forces, some of which wearing balaclavas, used strong-arm tactics to challenge the protesters dragging some of them by the feet, as indicated the site

Six other people who participated in the rally were also injured during the police operation of law enforcement, including one severely hit and was admitted to intensive care in the ICU of a hospital emergency room at Joseph Ravohangy Andrainavalona Ampefiloha.
"The holding of a public meeting without permission, the violation of public and order of violence and insulting police" are behind these arrests, said Colonel Florens Rakotomahanina, commander of the regional division of the national police in Tananarive.

Antso Rajaona

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