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Madagascar: Locusts sweep over the city of Miandri­vazo and sow desolation in paddy fields

Swarms of locusts over 2 km2 swept on Monday evening in the town of Miandri­vazo, in the center-west of Madagascar, and devastated hundreds of hectares of rice paddies and fields of beans.
"In the morning, the only thing left was people in tears, contemplating in impotence the spectacle of devastation left by locusts which devastated rice paddies and fields of beans... All rice swamps invaded by locusts may thus be fatal", narrates a witness on-site at the newspaper L' Express of Madagascar.
As a reminder, swarms of migratory locusts since April 2012 have already caused serious damage on plantations of corn, rice and other cereal crops, with several devastated regions of Madagascar to almost 70%.
FAO raised 23 million dollars (17 million euros) for this program of fight against the migratory locusts in Madagascar, and engage 41.5 million dollars (30.7 million euro) until 2016.
This program is designed to treat more than 2 million hectares of areas infested by locusts.

Antso Rajaona

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