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Madagascar: Jean-Louis Robinson in meeting in the stronghold of the movement Ravalomanana in Tananarive

The candidate of party Avanà, Jean-Louis Robinson, arrived at the top of the first round of the Malagasy presidential, October 25, and supported by the Ravalomanana movement, confirmed this weekend at a meeting in the stronghold of the MA in Behoririka (Tananarive) from the former Malagasy president Marc Ravalomanana, the post of Prime Minister would be in case of victory to Lalao Ravalomanana who had been disqualified by the electoral Special Court (CES) on August 21.

"I maintain my intention to Lalao Ravaloma­nana my Prime Minister. I invite you therefore to vote for the candidate of the Ravalomanana movement", said the tribune Jean-Louis Robinson before cheering supporters.

The latter also reiterated his wish to see the former president deposed in 2009, Marc Ravalomanana, to return to Madagascar in the event of victory. "We will, at all costs, bring back President Marc Ravalo­manana in the country", proclaimed loud and Jean-Louis Robinson under a thunder of applause.

Some ten minutes earlier, the candidate of the Avanà party, Jean-Louis Robinson had heated the crowd to his supporters gathered at the Magro the leading role in the electoral campaign for the presidential.
"It is at Magro that we won the first round and will also at the Magro we will win the second round," said Jean-Louis Robinson.

Antso Rajaona

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