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Madagascar: Complaints against the emergency department of the Ampefiloha Hospital of Tananarive increase, after the death of several patients

Due to saturation in the treatment of patients who arrive in emergency to the Ampefiloha hospital on the outskirts of Tananarive, more and more families of deceased patients decide to file a complaint in court against the hospital of Ampefiloha, blaming the emergency in late treatment of their loved one and causing their death hospital services.

"When we arrived at the hospital, doctors have left my husband on a cart in the lobby. People were passing by his side, in a white coat, but no one took charge of him", laments a woman at L'Express de Madagascar whose husband died at the hospital.
As a reminder, the emergency department of the Hospital of Ampefiloha in Tananarive with eight emergency physicians receives 120 to 150 patients admitted to the vast majority of injuries and other peritonitis, including twenty requires surgery.

Antso Rajaona

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