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Madagascar: Campaign against the deratting bubonic plague at Antanimora prison in Tananarive

The international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Malagasy prison authorities have started an extensive campaign of extermination in Antanimora at Tananarive prison which hosts some 3,000 prisoners, with a prison overcrowding and poor hygiene conditions favorable to spread of an outbreak of bubonic plague in the local population, as the British chain of the BBC indicates.

256 cases of bubonic plague and 60 deaths have been recorded last year.

The bubonic plague or "Black Death" thus rises sharply from October, with the start of the first heat the austral summer and moisture accentuating over the heavy rainfall season.

This rodent control campaign which has the support also on teams of the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar led to capture 1,600 rats in 2012.

As a reminder, a patient in five infected by the virus died in the island. Disease specialists are concerned including the virulence today of the plague bacillus in Madagascar and the increase in the number of registered deaths.

Sanitation and the promiscuity of some houses in the heart of poor villages attract rodents (rats) in number and flea in rats that carry the disease.

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