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Madagascar: Bushfires threaten dangerously in the island

Madagascar: Bushfires threaten dangerously in the island
The photos taken by satellites, Terra and Aqua of the national American administration of Aeronautics and Space (Administration NASA) show that bushfires could threaten two-thirds of Madagascar.

The Fire Alert organization in the Island pulls the alarm and points to some people who prepare their own way "grazing areas and crop fields", as stated in the newspaper Express of Madagascar.

"We can't ban them from burning the steppe, because we even have no alternative to pasture for their flocks", said a head of administration in the region of Melaky, adding that the arrest of the alleged arsonists would lead to disturbances to public order.

"In this time of crisis, it is difficult to give an exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of this crime. Their arrest could turn into a riot. Some people do not feel guilty nor, lack of awareness", says another functional of the region of Ihorombe.

As a reminder, in addition to the paltry to curb the spread of fire in areas affected by the bushfires means, it is the customary law governing logistics fight against the fire.

Antso Rajaona

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