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Madagascar: Bullfights with zebu, a traditional tauromachy entrenched in Nosy Be

Introduced in the 50s to Madagascar by Spanish people landed alongside Comorian immigrants, bullfighting with a zebu to replace the traditional bull continues their anchorages on the coastal island of Nosy Be, located in the Mozambique Channel, to a few nautical miles in the northwest of the Big Island.

Locally called kidramadrama, the bullfight is popular in Nosy Be in the Muslim community and regularly punctuates the feasts of the coastal island.
Shirtless young bullfighters defy zebu waving a "Lambahoany" as a red cape in front of a large audience, mostly women and tourists in arenas improvised in the heart of the afternoon of Nosy Be.
In contrast to the Spanish bullfight, the zebu is however not put to death in Madagascar since the fighting stops just when the exhausted animal tries to leave the arena.

Antso Rajaona

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