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Madagascar: Artificial rains fell over Tananarive

Following an inadequate rainfall with an early timid season of rains in Madagascar and while hydroelectric dams are at their lowest level, the meteorological services of the island have recently provoked artificial rains in Tananarive  by intervening directly in the heart of cumulus using aircraft loaded with salt.
It has thus rained for four days in the Malagasy capital. "We have to go towards the clouds with airplanes, penetrate inside the clouds and seeds it with extremely fine salt. And it is around those salt particles that humidity will agglomerate and over the time will form droplets, "says the director of the weather service, Zo Rabefitia.
The operation is nevertheless relatively expensive with four-hour flight costing more than 15,500 euros, 50 million ariarys.
It is the public body responsible for the distribution of water and electricity supply in Madagascar Jirama, which requires the upstream intervention of weather services.


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