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Madagascar: A village shaken by violent underground explosions

Residents of Berentsina in Madagascar (photo: L'Express of Madagascar)
Residents of Berentsina in Madagascar (photo: L'Express of Madagascar)
The village of Berentsina in Madagascar is shaken by a series of violent underground explosions since 20 November. Seismic tremors were recorded in this region, located forty kilometers to the north of Befandriana district in the province of Mahajanga. The causes of this natural phenomenon are still unknown to this day.
The violent underground explosions have hit the village, at least twenty times in 24 hours, causing earthquakes. This phenomenon is particularly held during the night driving away animals before the explosions occur.
The villagers, meanwhile, evacuate the premises. The village was plunged into terror for three days last November before the underground explosions repeated a month later.
Village leaders are of the opinion that the origin of these underground explosions is due to the desecration of sacred sites, as reported by the newspaper L'Express of Madagascar. Thus, aid were offered to the village to regains its serenity.
Since this ancient ceremony, the explosions have stopped, according to residents. However, the mystery surrounding the seismic event is far from being unveiled, unless the village is visited by a geologist.

Zara Rasamoelina

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