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Madagascar: A student manifestation ends tragically

The student who met a tragic end (photo: L'Express of Madagascar)
The student who met a tragic end (photo: L'Express of Madagascar)
Violent clashes are split between students from a University in the region of Mahajanga, Madagascar, and elements of the security forces on Friday morning.
A student in the third year of applied biology, succumbed to his wounds on Sunday after being hit by two bullets. Those clashes left about 20 injured, two others are in critical condition. Twelve policemen were also injured during the riot.
For weeks, students have begun strikes concerning inter alia, their scholarships. The latter require the resignation of the president of this University.
They are also demanding the return of their 14 comrades, dismissed from the University last October, because of violence. They also claim that their educational conditions be improved.
About 500 students, with banners, have therefore expressed their discontent within the confines of the University on Friday. The elements of the security forces have made use of grenades tear and even real ammunition to disperse the demonstrators.

Following these violent events, members of the Government have made a visit to the injured students as well as those on the side of the forces of order.
The Government delegation would finally come to accept all claims of students. All injured students received each, financial assistance of 150,000 ariary (47.8 euros), according to the newspaper L’Express of Madagascar.

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