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Madagascar: A precarious peace in the southern regions of the Island between thieves of zebu and military gendarmes

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In recent weeks, a precarious peace seems to be back on the agenda in the southern regions of Madagascar where thieves zebu (dahalo) prevalent.
In six months, violence has however resulted in the death of 136 thieves of zebus.
Two soldiers of the Malagasy gendarmerie were also killed during the clashes.
But more than 4,000 dahalo have also laid down their arms after negotiations with the authorities for their surrender.
As a reminder, the theft of Zebu comes from ancient Malagasy, but is still a well-established tradition in the hinterland. Symbol of virility before marriage, criminal gangs turned away from its first meaning, to transform it into a juicy traffic in Madagascar.

Abu Bakr Siddeeq Ameeruddin

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