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Madagascar: A police informant decapitated by thieves of zebu

Photo illustration
Photo illustration
The decapitated body of a man was discovered last Sunday in the town of Ehara, in the heart of region Benenitra in southern Madagascar.

According to preliminary investigation, the man was considered by some thieves of zebu (dahalo) as a "balance".

For after having delivered valuable information to the police about a stash of dahalo which has been the result of a raid by security forces between February 13 and 20, the victim was brutally murdered with an ax , as describes the site as

As a reminder, the heavily armed dahalo cause increased insecurity in the region of Fort Dauphin in the south of Madagascar, owners of cattle,are victims of large-scale raids.

Zebu theft comes from ancient Malagasy traditions. Symbol of virility before the wedding in the Big Island, the Mafia gangs have turned away from its origin, to replace it today by a lucrative smuggling.

Antso Rajaona

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