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Madagascar: A TV series on the piracy of the Sainte-Marie Island to revive the history of the skimmers of the South Seas

Six episodes of a TV series focusing on piracy of Sainte-Marie island located to the East of Madagascar should be turned at the end of year 2014 in the island by the television channel U.S. History Channel and under the leadership of Barry Clifford, the famous American seas archaeologist, as well as the production company British October Films.
What to revive the history of the illustrious pirates (John Avery, Christopher Condent, Thomas Tew who created Libertatia, William Kidd, and Olivier Le Vasseur said the Hawk) real protein skimmer of the seas of the South in the 17th and 18th centuries and some of their treasures have never been found.
 The filming of the series will take place during the months of November and December and the first episodes should land on the small screen on the horizon of 2015 spring, as reported by the L'Express of Madagascar newspaper.

Antso Rajaona

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